How it works
PayFabric gateway ® acts as the bridge between your business’s applications and backend processing platform. Easily embed electronic payment processing capability into any application, share data, and safely store tokenized payment information for future purchases.


Over 100 powerful features for today’s payments.


Designed to easily support rapid growth.


Highly extensible for endless integrations.


Rigorously tested for maximum security.

Hosted Checkout

Take advantage of our hosted payment page with embedded i-Frame that fits into your application seamlessly. Secure digital wallets tokenize and store payment information in the cloud for faster and easier purchases in the future.

  • Brand and customize your payment experience using CSS and JS
  • Automate communications with configurable email transaction notification templates
  • Choose from pre-set and custom design themes


Process payments from websites, desktop and mobile applications, ERP and CRM platforms, card swipe, and more. Accept ACH, debit cards, gift cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and all major international card brands including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

  • Promote Level II and Level III transaction data for corporate and purchase cards
  • Present e-invoices and receive payments through one-click payment link via email and SMS
  • Avoid late payments with expired credit card reports
  • Offset the cost of accepting credit cards


Remove sensitive payment data from your local environment and simplify PCI compliance with our hosted checkout page. Guard payment information using advanced algorithmic encryption and tokenization technology.

  • Do business with confidence using a PCI-DSS Certified Level 1 Service Provider
  • Fight payment fraud with CVV, Zip Code, and AVS validation at checkout
  • Analyze account activities and detect discrepancies through detailed audit logs
  • Eliminate complexities associated with annual PA-DSS compliance audits


Use a hosted cloud solution to achieve multi-channel payments and share transactional data across platforms.

  • RESTful API with easy documentation and sample codes support Rapid Payment Application Development
  • ERP and CRM connector tool kits make sharing real-time data with critical accounting or business systems fast and easy
  • Convenient sandbox provides ideal environment to test, experiment and perfect your payment experience
  • Seamless transition from native applications ensure your payment page never looks or feels different from your application
  • Web-based control panel provides ability to easily register and manage unlimited number of devices


Centralized data maintains integrity across points and allows you to access and share transactional information online 24/7, in real-time, through an intuitive account dashboard. Preserve ownership of your payment data and remain in position to migrate if ever required.

  • Achieve peace of mind with secure and reliable PCI-DSS validated payment services
  • Stay informed with detailed insight provided from Reports of daily activity, transaction summary and account usage
  • Rest assured knowing data is encrypted and tokenized for maximum security